Fallout Won’t Ever Leave The United States

Fallout has one of the richest histories in the entire world of gaming. The legacy behind this franchise stretches back more than twenty years, and it’s arguably the top tier of post-apocalyptic gaming.

The main series is comprised of four core iterations, two ‘spin-offs’, and a further four minor titles. There are few games that boast the lifespan of the Fallout franchise, which has survived across five generations of gaming.

It’s a massively popular series, with millions of die-hard fans supporting it from all around the world. There’s a rich and diverse fandom, a gargantuan collector base, and a huge community of modders.

There’s also a vast assortment of people who relentlessly try and guess where the next big Fallout title will be set. Commonly, you’ll hear mention of a game taking place in the United Kingdom, China, or even Russia.

Of course, nothing is impossible in the wide world of gaming, but I’m here to tell you why Fallout will never, ever leave the United States.

By the time The Great War rolled around and the bombs were preparing to fall across the world, very few nations remained. They were there to some extent, but the majority had fallen to civil wars, a total lack of resources, or invasion.

Before America and China were at each other’s geographical throats, there was an enormous battle that laid waste to the majority of the world. It lasted more than twenty years, and saw the untold decimation of many once-great nations.

The key point we need to take away from the ‘Resource Wars’ is that Europe, Africa, and most of the Middle-East was hopelessly weakened. The oil in the Middle-East promptly dried up around 2060, and the ‘European Commonwealth’ dissolved into a mass of civil wars.

Of course, America was mostly thriving while all this was happening, owing to the expansive oil reserves retained in-country. There was plenty of scientific innovation occuring in the United States, and while the rest of the world was bickering endlessly, America pushed onwards.

As the planet became shrouded by clouds of smoke and flame, America engineered solutions to ongoing resource and energy crises. They became, without a doubt, the most powerful and formidable force on the planet.

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