Fists, show and lots of applause. The boxing gala at Palacosmelli

Fists, show and lots of applause. The boxing gala at Palacosmelli

Great success for the Mario Rotelli Memorial organized by Salvemini. Shines the baby Souda (2008) awarded best boxer of the evening. Here are the results

22 JUNE 2022
Livorno Ninth appointment with the Mario Rotelli Memorial, organized by Livorno Boxe Salvemini, with Donato Salvemini, Sergio Pulimeno, Sergio Palazzolo and Dina Sansonna in the control room. At PalaCosmelli in via S. Allende boxing show at a youth level, in honor in memory of a great boxing enthusiast (Mr. Mario) who, in the “heroic times” of the noble art of Labron, had also sponsored some matches of the legendary Franco Nenci.

A boxing meeting that last weekend, which began in the early afternoon with the performance, or if we prefer the youth test, for a couple of hours, of a nice brood (29 to be precise) of baby boxers, from Livorno Boxe Hello. Girls and children who, in a soft way, between repeated and thunderous applause, gave a sample of their skill and their love, albeit in the early days, for this sport. As a frame, little friends, parents, uncles and grandparents, in a family atmosphere that is very gratifying for everyone. In the afternoon, the second part of the program: the older children of the categories Schoolboy (14-15 years), Junior (16 -17 years), Youth (over 17 and under 19 years old) entered the ring. On the draw as many as 15 matches preceded by an exhibition match without a verdict. A real boxing marathon, the one proposed by the organizers, to the many spectators present on the tribune, which went on for four hours: from 17 to 21. On balance, then, six hours of youth boxing all at once. If it is not a record, in our latitudes, we are close to it.

The matches? In the ring, in the red corner, many boxers from Livorno and more generally from Tuscany and in the blue corner, on the other hand, boxers in the vast majority of the Fiamme Oro (Marcianise in primis) and young boxers who also arrived from Sicily, certainly not for take a pleasure trip but to show off. But let’s go into more detail. The match was warmed up by an exhibition match, without a verdict, but beautiful and spectacular, of the cat. Schoolboy (80 Kg), between Ghiorghita Corpaci of the L. B. Salvemini and Carlo Moceo of the B. Team Tranchina. Then the first official match of the day, of the cat. Junior 77 Kg, won on points by Angelo Cavallini of Boxe Nicchi of Arezzo, on Giuseppe Raffaele of G.S. Gold Flames. Success in points also in the second match of the evening, to raise his arms to the sky, Alessandro Bramerini, of Boxe Siena Mens S. in the cat. Schoolboy 52 Kg, thanks to the success of Cristian Mazzarella of G.S. Gold Flames.

Beautiful, exciting and spectacular victory for Ilyas Souda, class of 2008, in the cat. Schoolboy 60 Kg, against Cosimo Epifani, of the F. Oro. The epilogue after 1 ‘and 22 “of the second round, due to a precautionary suspension of the match. In the few minutes in which he remained in the ring, Ilyas Souda gave a taste of his great potential that has already opened the doors of the national team to him. Patrizio Oliva, coach of the youth team, will take him to Poland in a few days for two test matches, as preparation for the European championships, scheduled for August in Turkey. Europeans, for which Ilyas put his ticket in his pocket thanks to the double victory in the qualifiers for the continental review in Latina. For him also an award plate as the best boxer of the evening.

The qualification of Ilyas Souda for the youth Europeans made his teacher Donato Salvemini swell the chest with pride. Let’s listen to him: «Ilyas is the fourth boxer in our team to qualify for the continental event. Before him, the tickets were removed by: Filippo Gressani in 2013, Matilde Cammarota in 2014 and Emanuele Santini in 2016. And all three returned home with a bronze medal around their neck. We hope that Ilyas can do better than them too ». Very good in the ring, the 14 year old Ilyas, but also with his head firmly on his shoulders. “Next year I will go to high school, to the industrial institute, with a specialization in Mechanics. I like to play sports but also to study ».

The other mach? In the fifth, in the cat. Schoolboy 42 Kg, points victory for Lapo Giombini of C. Sport. Combat (Fi), beating, on points, Manuel Ventimiglia (P. Scalia). In the sixth match, however, Federico Cannone, born in 2006, won a nice victory over Christian Bart Iorio of Excelsior Boxe Marcianise, due to a precautionary interruption of the match at the 2nd round. Red disc, on the other hand, for his brother Leonardo Cannone, born in 2004, in the cat. Youth 70 Kg, against Tiziano Ferro of the F. Oro. The good Leonardo was not enough grit, temperament and class to force the strong opponent to surrender

In the cat. Junior 44 kg, in beautiful evidence and victory before the limit, for Sasha Mencaroni, of P. Lucchese, with the teacher at the corner



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