Poor Mbappe is now regretting not coming to Real: Real President

Poor Mbappe is now regretting not coming to Real: Real President

What an incredible ‘Uterne’ Killian Mbappe did! His move to Real Madrid was almost certain, and there was no shortage of excitement over the past year. But in the end, the French forward suddenly changed his mind and stayed at PSG.

Real has hit it off, but has already started working on a different plan. And Mbappe? The future will tell to what extent his expectations are realized. However, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is now saying that Mbabane has already begun to regret the decision to return Real!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester City at the start of the new season comes amid reports that Lionel Messi has left for Barcelona in the last one year. Mbappe is also their follower in this aspect of showing the rumor of change of party.

His previous contract with PSG was due to expire this June, at the end of which Mbappe will join Real Madrid for free, according to rumors circulating in the Madrid press. But the Qatari owners of the French club did not want to leave the most talked about star in the PSG at the moment before the Qatar World Cup.

In the end, the PSG persuaded him to renew his contract with huge salaries and bonuses, advice from political leaders and the importance of Mbopp’s views on PSG’s future.

Real Madrid players-coaches-organizers-supporters are angry. After Mbopp’s decision not to go to Real, Real has turned its attention to other needs of the team instead of strategy. Meanwhile, Mbappe’s compatriot midfielder Aurelian Chuameni has been bought for 100 million euros, and German defender Antonio Rudigar is almost certain to be included in the squad for free.

But in the midst of so much, Mbappe seems to be still relevant. For example, after getting Real President Florentino Perez in front, Mbappe also demanded Real fans!

However, for so many days when Perez had the desire of Real fans to take Mbappe to Real, now it is quite the opposite. Yesterday, Perez was giving autographs to the fans of the club in Madrid, where one of the fans shouted, “Florentino, don’t bring Mbappe to Real!”

In the last few days, there has been no need to think twice about what Perez has to say in such a situation. After hearing the whims of the club fans, he replied, “Poor Mbappe is dying of regret not coming to Real now.”

Of course, anyone in Madrid can make such a claim now. Without Mbappe, the league and the Champions League have come this season, and again the Champions League has been won by Real Madrid by winning the final in the city of Mbappe, Paris.


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