Reportedly Stood by as Pro-Trump Mob Attacked Young Black Woman

Amid Wednesday’s Trump-incited mob breach of the U.S. Capitol, a 25-year-old Black woman named Chizam Berlinda Nibo was attacked by a horde of pro-Trump rioters in downtown L.A.

Photojournalist Raquel Natalicchio first shared the images on Instagram and estimated “at least” 20 rioters involved in the attack. The photos have since circulated widely on social media, with many expressing incredulity that the vicious attack has not garnered more mainstream attention — and that the roughly 20 police who were reportedly present for the hate crime did nothing to intervene.

“It was like — we got our hands on a Black person, we’re going to make an example of her,” Nibo told The Root, recalling how the mob knocked her over, pulled out her hair extensions, and pepper-sprayed her directly in the eyes while she struggled to fight back. She was eventually rescued by Natalicchio and two other bystanders.
“I’m definitely shaken to see men beat a woman in that way, especially since there’s no excuse for it,” Natalicchio told The Root. “But also it was very disheartening to see so many people, like over 50 people watching this happen and nobody stepped in.”
When asked for comment about the officers who were reportedly present yet did nothing to stop Nibo’s attack, the LAPD told The Root that it’s “looking into the incident.”
In the meantime, as word spreads online of Nibo’s brutal assault, a fundraiser launched on her behalf has garnered nearly $50,000 in online donations.

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