The Real Reason Trump Wants $2,000 Relief Checks

President Donald Trump’s rejections of the $900 billion stimulus deal began last week on December 21st when he tweeted, “I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill.” This was his first mention of displeasure with the package, proposed by his very own stunned Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who had been negotiating with both Republicans and Democrats.

The eleventh-hour challenges of the relief bill, which Trump ultimately signed over the weekend, could have been raised earlier, which certainly raises questions about his motives. Did he really want to get our great people more money? Possibly. Though later communications made between trips to the links revealed Trump’s true intentions.

Yesterday, Trump railed against Republicans and threatened them to do the “right thing” by increasing the approved $600 stimulus relief payments to $2000. But his intent became known in the third sentence of the tweet. Because as always, Trump telegraphs his motivations with transparency.

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Source: Author screengrab of Twitter 12/30/2020

Positioned as an aside, he griped, “also, get rid of Section 230” and “don’t let the Democrats steal the presidential election.” These are the two items he really wants.

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