Emergency landing of Neymar’s private jet due to mechanical fault

Emergency landing of Neymar’s private jet due to mechanical fault

Neymar went on holiday to Barbados. From there he was returning home by private plane. He posted a selfie with his sister Raphael on social media before the flight. But in the sky there was a mechanical problem in that plane. As a result, the Brazilian star’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Neymar’s plane had a problem shortly after the flight from Barbados. Neymar left Barbados for Brazil.

The Sun did not confirm whether Neymar or his sister were on the plane at the time. However, they wrote that after a mechanical fault, it was able to land safely at an airport in northeastern Brazil. Before the plane took off, Neymar posted a picture with his sister on Instagram Story.

Neymar also visited the United States before moving to Barbados. He also posted a picture of the poker game in Las Vegas on Instagram. After playing for Brazil, he went on holiday to North America. He has also scored three goals for Brazil in matches played for Brazil.

Brazil beat Seoul 5–1 in a friendly against South Korea. He had a pair of goals in that match. His goal against Japan helped Brazil to a 1–0 victory. Neymar has scored 74 goals in international football at the moment. And if he can score three goals, he will be bracketed with the legendary Pelেলের, the best goal scorer of all time in Brazil. If he scores four goals, he will be the highest scorer of all time in Brazil.

Neymar bought his own plane for ৮ 10.6 million. The aircraft is a Legacy 450 model. It was not immediately clear if the plane made an emergency landing.

The eight-seater aircraft can travel 531 miles per hour. Neymar also has a private helicopter. It was bought for. 10.5 million.

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