He lost his chance to play in the World Cup by signing for a Russian club

He lost his chance to play in the World Cup by signing for a Russian club

When Russian club Spartak Moscow made the official announcement, there was a lot of discussion and criticism. How can a Polish player re-enroll in a Russian club when Poland has sided with Ukraine due to Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine?

Massiej Ribus did that incredible thing.

No, it is not the case that this Polish leftback has never played for a Russian club before. Terek Grozny played for four years, and Lokomotiv for five years in Moscow. His contract with Lokomotiv has ended this season.

Since the contract was final, he could sign up for any club of his choice. But the people of Poland do not accept that the choice will be a Russian club. Yes, Ribas, whose contract with Lokomotiv has expired, has again approached another Russian club. This time his address is another club in Moscow – Spartak.

Ribas is being criticized in Poland. The country, which has sided with Ukraine, has already sheltered 3.5 million refugees. Poland also refused to play Russia in the semi-finals of the World Cup qualifiers in March.

Even after all this, the Polish can’t believe why any of their own players will go to play in a warlike Russian club again. The list also includes national team coach Jeslao Michnews. Michnews has decided that Rybas will not be called up for the Polish national team in the next World Cup to sign for the Russian club. Raibas has played 7 matches for the national team, he is an integral part of the original XI.

MitchNews’ decision was officially announced by the Polish football association, after a national team training camp last week. “He will not be included in the squad for the next World Cup due to the current club situation in Ribas.”

Poland qualifies for Group C of Qatar World Cup The country’s group partners are Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. This ‘loss of energy’ in Poland will definitely reduce Argentina’s worries!

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