It’s That Time Of The Year Again — Football Season

It’s That Time Of The Year Again — Football Season

The ultimate “bread and circuses” tool for the masses

I tolerate football season, but I’m not a huge fan of it. In my city, we have a football team and they’re currently in training camp. I never really understood what all the hype was about although I can get excited if my team wins a game. Football is something like a religious experience in America, and tailgating is one of the country’s biggest pastimes. A long time ago, church services and family dinners were the main staples of Sundays in America. This has been replaced by football and other major sports. I have an inkling that football is not just about watching men win games, but it is a useful tool of distraction.

Football Distracts Us From Secret Agendas That Are Being Formed
There are so many laws, agendas, and initiatives that are being formed which might affect us in negative ways. When we become obsessed with entertaining ourselves into numbness, we become oblivious to the changes in our world and we’re not as willing to research certain matters to find out how these agendas will operate on a local, state, and federal level. Football itself is not a bad thing, but we shouldn’t let it keep us from staying informed about issues that directly affect us and our families.

Some Aspects Of Family Life Come To A Halt
Whenever a football game comes on, my mom knows this means that my dad doesn’t want to do different household projects, run errands, or do anything else that relates to the home. It is an unspoken rule that says, “Dad is to be left alone during all football games both NFL and collegiate.” So if things need to be taken care of at the house, football season is not always the best time to get it done for some families.

Some People Lose Their Minds Over Football
While I was at the hairdresser a while back, I heard the barbers get into passionate and sometimes angry debates over football topics. I think to myself, “Would they be just as passionate about issues that truly matter such as the lack of affordable housing, healthcare crisis, failing educational system or the broken home environments of many kids and teens?” Football can sometimes cause us to have our priorities out of order.

We Entertain Ourselves At The Expense Of The Players
I’m sure that a lot of the players love what they do on the field, but it doesn’t change the fact that when we watch football, we do so at the players’ expense. Think about how many players injure themselves on the field and even after they retire from football, their health suffers for years. In addition, some former NFL players struggle financially and deal with mental health issues that hinder their quality of life.

We Train Our Children To Idolize Football
It’s not enough that we are obsessed with football ourselves, but then we train our children to idolize it too. If we realize that our sons are not interested in football or playing the sport, we get upset about it and force the love of this sport on them. When we put football above family priorities, our children learn by example. As a result, they grow up and maintain the same pattern in their homes.

Final Thoughts
Football is fun for a lot of families, and I watch it with my aunt since she enjoys watching the games on TV. But I’m saying that we shouldn’t let football season keep us from focusing on the issues that matter and prioritizing the people that love us the most. There ought to be a healthy balance in place.

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