Mike Tyson: the boxer’s revelations about his altercation on a plane

Mike Tyson: the boxer’s revelations about his altercation on a plane

Mike Tyson, who had been filmed hitting a passenger on a plane, returned a few days ago to this episode which made the rounds of social networks.

Former boxer Mike Tyson has revealed everything that happened the day he was filmed beating a pass that had just caused him to ride on a plane.

The legend of the boxing rings, who had made a return to exhibition in November 2020 at more than 50 years old, confided that he had cracked after the harassment of a stranger because he was “destroyed”.

As a reminder, “Iron Mike”, former world heavyweight champion turned marijuana mogul, was filmed on a flight beating a passenger while harassing him on his way to Miami.

A witness told TMZ that Mike Tyson (55) asked the man to leave him alone. In the end, he didn’t stop and finished with a scarred face.

The man first hired lawyers, but ultimately no charges were filed against the American.

“I was wrong. It should never have happened, he confided during Jimmy Kimmel Live. This is me back in my primitive childhood. I shouldn’t have done it. I was just irritated and tired – and stoned and pissed off. Shit happens. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Mike Tyson: after his altercation on a plane, the boxer smokes cannabis during a concert

During this show, Mike Tyson also confided that he could well face the youtubeur, turned boxer, Jake Paul. “It could be really interesting,” he said. Iron Mike also praised the qualities of the one who put on the gloves for the first time in 2018. “He is quite skilled and he wins”, even against “good enough fighters, who should be able to beat him”.

Mike Tyson also returned to the media influence of Jake Paul. “He does so much good for boxing. This guy has 70 million people following him every time he fights. The world champions don’t have as much influence. What he does for this sport is sensational, no one should hate him,” concludes the youngest world heavyweight champion.



Source: cnews.fr

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