Nadal won the French Open by doping!

Nadal won the French Open by doping!

Did Rafael Nadal win the French Open by doping? Such questions are being asked by the athletes themselves. Controversy has arisen over this question raised by some cyclists in France.

After winning the French Open, Nadal said he had to take injections to reduce the excruciating pain in his legs. The doctor anesthetized the injured area of ​​his leg with an injection. Multiple sports personalities have raised questions about that injection. They are all cyclists. They claim that injections that reduce pain in cycling are prohibited. Such drugs contain ingredients that are listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Their question is, is the formula for doping different for different sports different? Or did Nadal win the 14th French Open by doping?

Nadal has been playing with leg injections since the second round of the French Open. Guillaume Martin, a leading French cyclist, questioned, “What if a cyclist did that! This type of injection has long been banned in cycling. If someone takes such an injection, it will be said that he has done doping. This is the kind of culture that is created in our game. “Martin R said sarcastically. He says, how far he has gone even with intense pain. I hope Ibrahimovic will say something about his knee pain injections this time around. ” The same kind of tolerance is required. So why shouldn’t the same drugs be covered for doping! ‘

Thibaut Pinot, another well-known French cyclist, tweeted: “Nadal is a hero everywhere. But what Nadal did to reduce the pain is completely forbidden in our game. Isn’t this unfortunate thing reprehensible? It’s very frustrating for me. ”

Although French cyclists have tried to accuse Nadal of doping, Wada has denied the allegations. The agency’s director general, Olivier Nigley, said painkillers were not on the list. Having won 13 French Open without injections, he does not need doping for his 14th title.

Nigley said: “The only drugs that are banned are those that can affect performance. Drugs are not only harmful to the body, they are against the principles of sports. Anesthetic injections are never on the list. This type of injection does not create any tension in the body. So this question is irrelevant. Anesthetic injections do not affect performance. ‘

The WADA official added, “There could be controversy over the policy. Should one of the best quality athletes play with injections? This question can be debated. That too is a matter of physicians and medical policy. The injection is what made Nadal win the 14th French Open, there is no reason to think so. ”

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